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ZCORR Long Gun Travel Bag

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  • ZCORR Long Gun Travel Bag
  • ZCORR Long Gun Travel Bag
  • ZCORR Long Gun Travel Bag

This new reinforced VCI bag utilizes the same VCI material used in every ZCORR Bag and is designed to withstand the abuse of frequent inserting and removing of firearms. Two grommets with carabiners are installed and provided so that this bag can quickly and easily clip into your range bag or hunting softcase. Vacuum sealing also secures the firearm in place and offers air tight/ water proof protection while the firearm is in transport.

Vacuum Series firearm storage bags are ideal for firearms that are subjected to changing climates, harsh climates, or for those who want the industry’s most Fail-Safe protection. Depending on use, firearms can be stored rust free for 5+ years.

To use a Vacuum Series firearm bag effectively:

  1. Clean your firearm as recommended by the manufacturer and slide it into the bag.
  2. Press the heavy duty zipper closure shut.
  3. Place any house hold vacuum hose over the one way valve and remove air.

To remove the firearm, simply:

  1. Open the zipper closure and remove your firearm.
  2. VCI technology leaves be hind no residues so firearms are ready to be used right out of the bag… unlike messy oils & greases.

We advise against placing firearms inside gun socks before placing them in ZCORR Gun Storage Bags as they may inhibit the effectiveness of the VCI chemistry. Desiccant packs and oxygen absorbers can be used in combination with ZCORR Bags but are not necessary.

APO & International shipping is available. Contact zcorr-sales@zcorrproducts.com for details.