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Large Parts & Ammo Bag

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  • Large Parts & Ammo Bag
  • Large Parts & Ammo Bag
  • Large Parts & Ammo Bag

Now available on GSA Advantage! Schedule 84.

The Large Parts & Ammo Storage Bag is perfect for all sorts of ammunition raging from .22,9mm Luger, .223 & 5.56, and various 7.62 rounds. Since VCI technology leaves no residues behind ammunition powder and primers are safe inside theZCORR Parts & Ammo bag.

Also store firearm parts such as extra handgun barrels, magazines, and slides. Desiccant packs and oxygen absorbers can be used in combination with ZCORR Bags but are not necessary.

APO & International shipping is available. Contact zcorr-sales@zcorrproducts.com for details.

This item is sold in bundles of 5 bags.

8" x 11"