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Shotgun/ Rifle Storage Bags

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Whether you are looking to store your rifle or shotgun between hunting seasons or just trips to the range the ZCORR Shotgun & Rifle Storage Bags prevent rust and keep your firearms clean. To use the shotgun & rifle storage bags effectively all you need to do is clean and oil your firearm as recommended by the manufacturer then slide it into the bag. Press the heavy duty reusable closures shut and your firearm will remain rust free. The foil based bag material does not allow any moisture or other corrosion causing elements into the bag and also locks in the protective VCI molecules. Days, months, or years later take the firearm out of the bag and it will be in the same rust free condition as it was when first stored. Best of all, no cleaning is required before use when a firearm has been correctly stored in the FSP Bag. No desiccants are required for proper storage.

No messy oils or greases
Moisture and oxygen proof material
Puncture & tear resistant material
Non-abrasive interior will not scratch or scuff finishes
Reusable heavy duty, industrial grade closures
Store guns rust free for 5+ years depending on use
Flexible material allows for storage in gun safes and hard cases


ZCORR Long Gun Travel Bag

This new reinforced VCI bag utilizes the same VCI material used in every ZCORR Bag and is designed to withstand the abuse of frequent inserting and removing of firearms. Vacuum sealing also secures the firearm in place and offers air tight/ water proof protection while the firearm is in transport. This bag is designed to fit most AR15’s and Shotguns.

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Rifle/Shotgun Bag - Vacuum Sealable

Vacuum Firearm Storage Bags offer the same proven VpCI technology of our Original Firearm Storage Bags but now include a 100% Water Proof and Air Tight closure along with a vacuum valve for unmatched rust prevention. ZCORR Vacuum bags are now even stronger due to an added reinforcing layer which further reduces the threat of tears or punctures.

11" x 54"
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Rifle/Shotgun Bag - Velcro Seal

The ZCORR Rifle/Shotgun Storage Bag accommodates most rifles and shotguns with or without optics. You can store anything from your 22 Rimfire to Mosin Nagants or your Remington 870.

11" x 54"
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