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The Only Fail-Safe Corrosion Protection

Your firearms have two enemies: rust and politicians. ZCORR protects against one. Also available at Brownells, Midway USA, and Amazon Prime



ZCORR Products are designed to offer durable gun storage bags with the longest lasting rust prevention available, industry wide. Whether you are looking to store your firearms short term between going to the range or long term such as between hunting seasons or while on deployment ZCORR gun storage bags will keep your firearms clean and rust free. ZCORR Bags offer easy to use anti corrosion protection without causing any harm to stocks, grips, optics, ammunition, or any metal finishes. ZCORR also offers air tight, water tight re-usable anti rust storage bags for rifles, pistols, shotguns and ammunition.

What you can expect from ZCORR:

  • Unmatched Corrosion Protection
  • No Messy Oils or Greases
  • Leaves No Residues Behind
  • Tear Resistant Material
  • Non-abrsive interior
  • Doesn’t Harm Optics
  • Perfect for short & long term storage
  • Pistol storage bags
  • Rifle storage bags
  • Shotgun storage bags
  • Mil-Spec .30 Cal & .50 Cal ammo can liners

  • Our design concepts were tested and approved by the U.S. Military for utilizing VCI technology & barrier packaging material to provide fail-safe long term firearm storage. We built on this concept and developed a line of products to address a wide range of storage and preservation applications. For in depth information on how and why our products offer the best firearm and ammunition rust protection industry wide, be sure to read about How it Works and our FAQ.

    ZCORR also has Military Weapon Storage Bags for various military weapons including the M16A2, M4, M9, Mk19, M240, M249, and M2

    Top Products

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    1. 50 Cal Ammo Can Liner

      50 Cal Ammo Can Liner

      Rust Free Ammunition Storage
      Specifically designed to fit the Mil Spec Ammo Can – 50 Cal M2A1.
      Anti Corrosion Storage & Preservation Bag for Ammo and Firearm parts.

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    2. Tactical Rifle Bag - Velcro Seal

      Tactical Rifle Bag - Velcro Seal

      The ZCORR Velcro Tactical Storage Bag is designed to offer reusable rust protection for modern sporting rifles such as the AR15 & AK47.

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    3. ZCORR Vacuum Pistol

      ZCORR Vacuum Pistol

      The ZCORR Vacuum Pistol Storage Bag is designed to offer unmatched rust prevention with a reusable closure and can fit a wide range of handguns.

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